1 Hour: $80
1 1/2 Hour: $105
2 Hour: $145
Outcall Fee: $20

All sessions include:

* Exercise programs also available


There are various types and styles of massage available. Please feel free to be specific with the massage programs listed below or let me customize your massage to fit your body’s needs. Though a full body massage can be expected, except for injury specific, most of the time will be tailored to the specified program.

Climbers Massage

Neck, Spine, Shoulders, Arms

Runners/Cyclists Massage

Neck, Spine, Hips, Legs

Lymphatic Drainage

Light pressure combined with soft pumping movements to decrease swelling and inflammation, localized or over entire body

Injury Specific

Localized/antagonized massage, ROM, manual stretching, exercise strengthening routine

Core Massage

Neck, Spine, Hips, Deep Flexors

Pregnancy Massage

Specifically tailored for the expectant mothers needs