I have been researching information regarding the anatomy and physiology of the human body for over 10 years. Besides my deep desire to discover the human body's purpose, on at least one level; both direct and indirect personal experience has brought me to my present level of understanding.

I have been practicing massage therapy for over 4 years. All four years to present, I have worked in a physical therapy clinic, while directly assisting the physical therapist in patient care. I have a four year history of participating as a student athletic trainer for high school sports teams. I have completed the Massage Therapy Program from Midline Massage School of Santa Cruz and I continue to enroll in continuing education, diversifying and updating my skills. I am a member of ABMP and AMTA. I am a runner, a bike rider and an active sports participant.

My training is in Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Tendon Release, Sports Injury, Acupressure, Alexander Technique, Fascial Mobilization, Applied Kinesiology, Orthopedic Massage, Facilitated Stretching, Dietary & Lifestyle Suggestions.

My therapeutic massage is effective for both the young and not-so young, the healthy and not-so healthy.